It's feels strange reviewing dentists but in this case I must because I absolutely LOVE this place! I was a bit embarrass to go because it had been years since I've seen a dentist. My last few experiences were not so great & it's hard to find a good dentist. Most people would recommend a good place to eat before they recommend a good dentist.

I was super nervous when I arrived but the friendly staff put me at ease. As I was filling out my paper work I noticed that I wasn't as scared as I normally am when visiting the dentist. The place was very welcoming. There was today's music on, you couldn't hear the sounds of patients being worked on (which always scares me) & best of all... it didn't have that dentist smell! The interior was so cute, very modern. I love the color selection! No white walls & fish aquarium here. Thank goodness! (I will post pictures next time)

The equipments were so high tech. They have the latest technology. I felt like a nerd when I caught myself thinking this is neat! I don't remember seeing any of these computers at my last dentist.

Onto the dentists! The 2 dentists there are related. They look young but don't let that fool you, they know what they're doing. I had Dr Jay & he was professional but but not uptight. He made me feel comfortable. He talked me through each step so I knew what was coming. He also made sure that I was comfortable throughout the cleaning. After wards he went over the results & how to maintain my gums & teeth. My husband was seen by Dr Michael. He said that the Dr was very gentle & took care in his work. That's a lot coming from my husband! Translations.... my husband is one happy camper! Both dentists are very knowledgeable & caring. They genuinely enjoy what they do and I can't wait til my next appointment.
Mrs. C., Rosemead

The day of your dental appointment is usually the most dreaded day in anyone's calendar. Not so with Mint Dental. This clinic makes you feel incredibly comfortable with its friendly service and laid-back atmosphere. You also know you're getting the best, safest dental care in town with their immaculately maintained facilities, top-of-the-line equipment, and the expertise of the Doctor(s) Ignacio(s).

Their accommodating and professional approach to taking care of their patients will have you smiling long after you leave the office. Especially after they've fixed those hideous teeth of yours!
Amorn B., Los Angeles

I thought getting a toothache was the worst thing ever...then I learned that getting a toothache while you are visiting your family and friends for the holidays is even worse!

Shortly after arriving home for the holidays, I began experiencing tooth pain in my lower jaw and did a walk-in at Mint Dental. I walked in primarily based on the fact that the office was in a new medical plaza and figured that the office would have nicer equipment. I was definitely right, the family owned practice is laid out really nicely and they are technologically savvy as well. The sweet receptionist at the front was able to schedule me in to see Dr. Michael Ignacio.

After my exam, Dr. Mike informed me that I would unfortunately need a root canal. Seeing that I was apprehensive about the situation, Dr. Mike and his older brother, Dr. Jay Ignacio, took the time to explain to me what the procedure would entail, what the possible outcomes would be, and what my options are. They really put me at ease and made me feel like a family member. This is completely different from any other dental experience that I have had! It's really nice to see the paternalistic approach to dentistry starting to go out the door. Dr. Mike performed the procedure delicately and quickly. I felt no pain whatsoever during the procedure and have felt no post-operative pain. Now if only I could find a dentist like this back in Chicago...or if only these two would move to Chicago and set-up shop hahahaha
Kenny G., Chicago

I love this place! The dentists are both so sweet and funny and gentle it's unbelievable. I almost fell asleep during one of the procedures! I made my husband switch from his dentist to Mint Dental. I'm so happy and relieved to have found such a wonderful practice.
Shari B., Los Angeles

I had a great experience at this office. I trusted the online reviews and now I'm adding to them. Very nice people, so courteous and they did such a nice job. If you're in Eagle Rock this should be your neighborhood dentist. Thanks so much Cheryl, Edith, and Dr. Jay!
Alanna L., Los Angeles

Man these guys are awesome! I have started coming here about a year and a half ago and I can't be more pleased by the service here. Where do I start!

Flexible with my schedule
Personal and friendly staff. I came in during a lunch break and was offered some of the reception food. I had an emergency a few months ago and the dentist was totally reachable.
The dentists are brothers and both are very proficient. They would explain everything that was being done all the way through. I mean who does that?!?
The billing has been simple and the receptionist manager is on top of it so I don't have to worry about it.
Environment- SUPER clean and very contemporary, and they are always playing some chill jams. I think while I was in the chair I also picked up some free wifi on my iphone. NICE!

The distance. I live a good 25 miles away and it's a bit of a distance but definitely worth my drive. Since I come up into the area on a regular basis
Parking is a little tight but there's usually at least one spot open.

As a person who's teeth is important to hos vocation I need a great dental team and these guys are my mouth pit crew!!!

Thanks Mint Dental Team!
Iki T., Long Beach

My experience with Mint Dental was above and beyond what I had anticipated it to be. Since I was 4 years old, Ive had extremely traumatic experiences with the Dentist. I had gone to multiple places and each time, was left more traumatized than the previous experience. I am now 19 years old, and before my appointment at Mint Dental, I absolutely dreaded anything Dentistry related. After years of not getting a check up, I was absolutely terrified of anything regarding dental work, but I knew it was crucial to go after losing a cavity filling. I had done some research on local Dentist offices and was really concerned about which one I would choose to drop in at. I visited a couple of dental offices and found that most of them were extremely impolite, had terrible waiting time, and their prices were absolutely ridiculous. Ultimately, I chose Mint Dental after reading their awesome reviews on Yelp. My first meeting was with Dr. Jay, I believe. He made first experience extremely comfortable and was genuinely concerned about one of my teeth, which unfortunately, required a root canal. Of course, I was petrified at the thought of needing a root canal. I had read stories online of people who had had the procedure done, and was completely convinced I would also have a miserable experience. The words "Cavity filings" alone, made me cringe and the thought of a root canal made me panic. I immediately requested Nitrous oxide because there was NO WAY I would deal with a root canal being 100% conscious. However, Dr. Jay was extremely sensitive and understanding of my past traumatic experiences, but still promised me that I would be more than fine with just oral anesthesia alone. He was very sweet and very promising, so I decided to go ahead and have the procedure done. A couple of days later, I went in for my root canal, extremely fearful of what I would soon be experiencing. The day of my root canal, Dr. Mike was the one who would be in charge of my dental work that day. He was extremely friendly and kind and also assured me that I would be perfectly fine through out the entire procedure. He was absolutely right! I felt no pain through out the enture operation. Both Dr. Mike and his assistants were extremely gentle and good-natured. They made me laugh, explained everything that would be done, and regularly stopped and asked if i felt any pain. My root canal was done quickly and pain free! Dr. Mike was awesome! He really changed my perspective about seeing the dentist regularly, and made sure I was at ease through out the whole process. I couldnt have asked for a more fulfilling experience with such a great doctor and friendly assistants. I was extremely delighted with both Dentists, the awesome assistants and even the sweet receptionist who made everything in general, very pleasant. The whole staff made my experience so easy and comfortable! Im beyond ecstatic that I chose Mint Dental! Not only did I survive my dental experience, but I found a place that threw my traumatic past experiences out the door. I got my appointments right away, felt so comfortable every single time, and was beyond satisfied with the service. Thanks Dr. Mike, Dr. Jay & staff for an incredible experience! I look forward to my future appointments! Thanks MINT DENTAL :)
Rebecca Q., Los Angeles

All time greatest dental experience EVER! Dr. Jay was very sweet, gentle and reassuring from the initial consultation and through both appointments. I had not been to the dentist in many years due to two pregnancies and nursing. I really needed work from neglect and I was scared and he made sure my anxiety issue would be resolved... and it was with a little medication. It worked. I had five cavities filled and one leaky bond (on the front tooth that could've been a cosmetic disaster if not correctly handled). I'm so happy and I'm betting I can get my super scared hubby in too. Trust them. VERY VERY GOOD!
Shawneta G., Pasadena